Betty Bite’s Back Book Review

Betty Bite’s Back was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review by Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Book: Betty Bite’s Back 

Author: various authors 

Publication date: September 16th 2019

Genre: horror anthology 

Rating: 5 stars 



Behind every successful man is a strong woman… but in these stories, she might be about to plant a knife in his spine. The characters in this anthology are fed up – tired of being held back, held down, held accountable – by the misogyny of the system. They’re ready to resist by biting back in their own individual ways, be it through magic, murder, technology, teeth, pitfalls and even… potlucks. Join sixteen writers as they explore feminism in fantasy, science-fiction, fractured fairy-tales, historical settings, and the all-too-familiar chauvinist contemporary world

My review 

I have only read a few short story collections and I have never been a huge fan of those collections but that changed when I read this anthology. 

This collection contains a lot of tough topics such as murder, rape, 

Although this did cover a lot of harsh topics I truly enjoyed this story and saw women fight back for their lives, for respect and for what they deserve. 

Each of these authors have amazing and beautiful writing and I really want to check out more from all of these authors. Some ⁷of these stories were very short and others were super long, very detailed and horrific but I really liked how varied in length all the stories were. 

In Betty Bites Back the women in these stories are just as bad villains as men can be in other stories which I really loved. Some win others lose in this collection which is very realistic but these women do not go out with a fight. 

Throughout these stories there is a lot of diversity which I really appreciated and can not recommend this collection enough! FIVE STARS ALL ROUND.

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