My Believeathon Wrap Up

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today I am here to wrap up a readathonthat I have been taking part in recently which is Believeathon or the believe in the impossible readathon created and hosted by the wonderful Gavin from the YouTube channel How to Train Your Gavin. Before i get into my wrap up I just want to thank Gavin for creating this amazon readathon and to thank him for never failing to make me smile or laugh while watching his videos. I know he probably won’t ever see this but I still feel the need to thank him. So let’s get into this wrap up. 

Poachers Pocket Inn – Read the first book in a series 

NeverMoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend – 5 STARS 

Synopsis: Morrigan Crow is a cursed child. Every single thing that goes wrong in her community is blamed on her and that’s not the worst part on her 11th birthday she is destined to die. On the night she is supposed to die she is whisked away by a magical ginger haired man called Jupiter North to the magical world of NeverMoor to take part in a set of trials to a magical society. 

My thoughts: This is the most recent five star read. I read this for Believathon hosted by Gavin from the youtube channel How to Train Your Gavin. This was a spectacular read that was so magical and whimsical. Morrigan is such a wonderful main character, right from the beginning she had me grinning to myself like a weirdo. 

The banter that Morrigan has with the characters that we get introduced to once we reach Nevermoor was brilliant and made me laugh and smile. Although this is a middle grade there are some darker themes within this story and an underlying danger as things start to go wrong in this new magical world. 

This is such a magical and amazing story that sucked me in and still has not let me go as of yet! If you’re looking to start readin middle grade this is sucha good one for you to throw yourself into. 

Yellow Brick Road – Read a book you were supposed to read years ago 

A Series Of Unfortunate Events: Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket – 4 STARS 

Synopsis: We follow three children, Violet the inventor, Klaus the reader and Sunny the biter who’s parents have died in a fire. The children then get sent to the horrible and evil Count Olaf. Following their journey to survive adnd escape from this evil count. 

My thoughts: I really enjoyed this book. I have watched the movie of this book series so many times and knew that this prompt was perfect for me to start this series. I love the three main characters, they are so smart, so brave and very funny. I found myself laughing at certain parts of this story and really loved this. When we were introduced to Count Olaf I couldn’t help but imagine Jim Carey which really added to my love for this story. Although this is a children’s nove it is very dark and the tension was created and built very well. You could feel the children’s despair which really added to the atmosphere. 

The Deepwoods – Read a book with yellow on the cover 

The House with Chicken Legs By Sophie Anderson – 4 STARS 

Synopsis: Marinka’s grandmother is baba yaga and lives in a house with chicken legs that moves places where Marinka and baba yaga live. Marinka only wants a friend and really struggles with the constant moving. When Marinka has the chance to make a friend she breaks every rule that baba has made to keep her safe with disastrous consequences. 

My thoughts: Going into The House with Chickens Legs I had actually no idea what this story was about but just knew that it was highly recommended by Gavin. I adored this story and did not expect the turn that this story took.This is a very quick and easy read and I loved every second of it. I’ve never read a book with russian folklore at it’s centre so it was a really fun ride learning about the story of Baba Yaga. The House With Chicken Legs is such a magical and emotional read exploring many themes that I was not expecting. 

Black Ice Bridge – Read a book featuring an expedition or an adventure 

North Child By Edith Pattou – 4 STARS 

Synopsis: Rose was born facing North and as tradition tells us that North facing born children are people full of wanderlust must to Rose’s mother’s despair. This happens when Rose is taken by a great white bear to a mysterious empty castle, where a silent stranger appears each night, To Rose’s despair her curiosity kills the cat and she must travel even further to fix what she has destroyed. 

My thoughts: This was a wonderful polar fantasy that I really enjoyed. We follow many different perspectives in this novel which I really enjoyed seeing the different lives and thoughts of our many different characters. This is another fantasy retelling of an old Norwegian fairy tale which again I had no knowledge of so I really loved learning about that.  This story to me was very reminiscent of the beauty and the beast story which I love and made me feel happy while reading this story. I loved all the characters that we meet in this story especially Rose who is a very adventurous and brave character. We follow Rose from a very young age up until she is a young adult and we see how much she grows throughout this book. 

The Book Keepers Stronghold- Read the next book in a series 

A Series Of Unfortunate Events: The Reptile Room 

Synopsis: The next adventure of the Bauldelaire children after escaping from Count Olaf in book one. As they spend time with a giddy uncle and many wonderful reptiles the children believe they are safe and happy until something goes terribly wrong. 

My thoughts: This book took a much darker turn than book one. I really enjoyed seeing a happier side to the children although it does not last long at all. Meeting Dr Montgomery was really nice and I believe that Montgomery added some nice comic relief to quite a dark story. 

So there you have my Believeathon wrap up. I had an amazing two weeks of reading these books and I have definitely rekindled my love for children’s books. I also have found a new favourite book. Can you guess which one it is? Agaim thank you so much Gavin for this wonderful and magical readathon. 

With Love, 

Anne xxx 

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