June Reading Wrap Up

It’s July already and I can’t believe we are seven months into this shit show of a year! But today I am here to talk about all the books I have read throughout the month of June.


Books Read – 17

DNF’S – 2

Physical Reads – 9

Ebook Reads – 6

Audiobook reads – 2


5 stars – 6

4 stars – 7

3 stars – 4

2 stars – 0

1 star – 0


Adult – 7

Young adult – 10

Middlegrade – 0

My Reviews

Throne of Glass – 4 stars

Since joining Booktube I have seen so much love and hype over the Throne of Glass series and I was so scared and intimidated because I was unsure about whether or not I would like this series. So in June I bit the bullet and joined a readalong with this series on Instagram.

I really enjoyed The Throne of Glass I was sucked into this story right from the beginning. This is a really easy, immersive and a very accessible fantasy story for those who don’t read much fantasy. Starting this story I was just expecting a story where our main character Caeleana has to go through many tests and challenges to become the kings champion. But this story moved a little bit away from that story line as we progressed which I really enjoyed.

As the story progressed we are introduced to many different characters who I came to love and really enjoyed the interactions they had with the main character. We also start to see a love triangle form which I am really excited to see how that plays out. We also had a really cool but creepy mystery as many things start to happen as the plot thickens.

Proud – 4 stars

I randomly picked this book up from the library because I had heard it mentioned in the book community. This is a short story anthology full of stories about LGBTQIA+ characters coming out or exploring their sexuality written by LGBTQIA+ authors with LGBTQIA+ artists adding artwork to each story. These stories were great and I really enjoyed every one the only thing that turned me off within this story was the poetry. I cannot understand poetry for the life of me so those sections of the book made me struggle but other than that this was a really great collection.

Death on a dirty Afternoon – 3 stars

This book was a gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. This was a really fun or quick read following Terry a taxi driver who finds himself becoming an amateur sleuth. This is definitely an entertaining read and sometimes turned quite gritty and dark. I really enjoyed our main character Terry who is just your average person going about his day and ends up involved in a murder investigation. Throughout this story we do meet a lot of characters and at times I became very confused as to who was who. Thus was a fun and really quick read.

A Long Cool Glass of Murder – 3 stars

This was again another quick,easy and entertaining read from a very skilled author. Terry Bell is at it again getting himself caught in another murder investigation. This story definitely had a much darker feel compared to book one which I enjoyed. Again we are introduced to so many characters which confused me again and it was very difficult to keep track. This was highly entertaining. I really loved the banter between Terry and his girlfriend. Even when they are in danger they are being sarcastic and have funny one liners. A trait of Terry’s personality is that when he plans to do something dangerous he never tells the police what he knows and gets himself in a hell of a lot of danger and also pulls other people into these which annoys me to know end.

The Jannson Tapes – 3 stars

The third book I have read by Colin Garrow this month and the third in the Terry Bell series. Although this is book three you can read this as a standalone. Although I would recommend reading book one and two to gain more context and understanding of the characters and the the mysteries that do get mentioned in this one.

The Jansson Tapes started like every other in this series and took a very dark turn very quickly which really surprised me. Again Terry Bell is such an average person and he keeps getting into trouble it’s insane! Just like book one and two its full of humor and entertainment and again really enjoyed my read of this one.

I would recommend this series to anyone who hasn’t read many mysteries and is wanting to branch out to this genre. This is a quite simplistic, average mystery book that people who have read many mysteries or thrillers will think it’s a but meh but it’s definitely a great beginner read. Check out my review.

The Starless Sea – 5 stars

A NEW FAVOURITE BOOK OF ALL TIME. This was such a beautiful, lyrical love story to books and the lovers of books. I was in two minds about reading this book because I have heard so many polarizing things and even said it to my partner when I picked this up. Right from the beginning I was sucked into this story and read this very very quickly. I was blown away by the detail, intricate pieces in this story. Erin Morgenstern has a very unique brain and I adored this story Zachary was an great main character and I really liked him. This is such an amazing story and I loved watching how everything connected to each other and just AHHHH! Its so amazing so please read it if you’re looking or an awesome standalone fantasy.

Ninth House – 5 stars

ANOTHER ALL TIME FAVOURITE BOOK. Again I was weary of going into this story because of the hype/polarizing opinions on this one but I had it on hold from the library for months and when it came through I knew I had to read it. This is such a dark and gritty adult fantasy set in a contemporary world that I simply adored. Alex is not a great character but I really enjoyed following her through this story and I loved learning about everything with her. I know a lot of people believed his story was very info dumpy but I didn’t and I really loved it. There are a few trigger warnings such as drug use, murder, rape, child abuse and so much more. I’m not one who gets triggered by content so I didn’t think it was as bad as others have made it out to be but if you are sensitive to anything please have a look at in depth content warnings. There were a lot of plot twists which reallty surprised me and I am desperate for book two. This book series is definitely going to go a long way and I am here for it!

The Anti- Virginity Pact – 4 stars

I really enjoyed this book but for my in depth thoughts check out my review of The Anti-Virginity Pact.

Shadow and Bone – 4 stars

This was a reread for me and unfortunately I didn’t love it as much as I did the first time round and lowered my rating to 4 stars. I believe that this is because I have become a better reviewer and have become a little more critical in the books that I am reading compared to ast year when I was just getting back into reading and giving out a hell of a lot of five stars.

This is a very average young adult fantasy novel following a chosen one who doesn’t realise she is a chosen one battling against the villain. I did enjoy this story and had fun revisiting the grisha but something was missing from this to give it another 5 star read. I’m not going to talk a lot about this book because I think everyone has read this book.

Winter Of The Wolf – 4 stars

This was such a beautiful story that I really loved and filled me with so much emotion. Read my full thoughts in my review of The Winter Of The Wolf.

A River of Royal Blood – 5 stars

I had heard so much about this book and I was so excited to pick it up and start reading. This premise is a little similar to Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake and I was so disappointed by that book and I was hoping that this book would be better and OMFG it was! This was a dark story about two sisters who must kill one another to become Queen. I really loved this story that was full of beautiful imagery, awesome characters and plot twists that you are not expecting. The world building was exquisite and just like most fantasy books there is a lot of political tension involving other people, slaves and so much more. The family relationships in this story were very intriguing seeing how the parents chose sides between their daughters and hoping one kills the other. It was a really interesting dynamic and I’m really intrigued to see how this continues in book two.

Vampire Academy – 4 stars

Since joining the book community I have heard so many people talk about how this book was a part of their teenage reading experience. As an experiment I vlogged reading this book for the first time as a twenty year old. I was pleasantly surprised reading this book,I really enjoyed this book and felt like a lot of the content has really stood up to the test of time. Our main character Rose was a really flawed main character and some of the things she did was questionable but I did really enjoy her point of view. Our second main character Lissa was also very flawed but I wasn’t a big fan of her but this story was really fun but also had some really darker undertones that mademe question everybody. I’ll definitely be continuing with this series.

Every Heart A Doorway – 5 stars

Another reread for me this month which again I simply adored. When I first read this book it was via audiobook on Scribd. Click the link to get 60 days free of audiobooks and ebooks! But this time I read it physically andlove ditjust as much. This is a dark story set in a boarding school for children who have come back from magical worlds just like Alice came back from Wonderland. People are being murdered and we are trying to figure out who and why they have done this. This is such a diverse read full of characters across the LGBTQIA+ spectrum and THIS BOOK IS JUST AMAZING.

A Million Worlds With You – 5 stars

This was a spectacular conclusion to this trilogy. This is a contemporary sci-fi story following a young girl who must jump through different dimensions to find the person who killed her father. This is a wonderful series with a lot of great characters both good and evil. Obviously I can’t talk much about book 3 but just know that it is a wonderful conclusion.

The Turn of The Key – 4 stars

Again another really hyped but polarizing book this month. This was a really creepy book about a nanny isolated with three children in a smart home where things aren’t really working out. This story had me on my toes the whole time thinking is it ghosts? is it someone fucking with her? I had a really fun time reading this book and some of the twists towards the end caught me by surprise but I felt that the last reveal wasn’t the best and just a little too convenient for me hence the four stars and not five.

All Your Twisted Secrets – 2 stars

I was really excited to get to this book but unfortunately it didn’t really work for me. I just felt like this story was meh. It was full of teenage drama that I wasn’t here for and it just wasn’t for me. It was meh hence three stars.

City of Bones – 4 stars

And the last book is another reread for this month. I first read this series as a young teenager and this series was not competed at that time and I never got to read book 6. So now I am rereading books 1- 5 to read book 6 and finish off this series. Everyone knows what this series is about so I’m not going to talk much about it.

So there you have it! The 17 books I read in June. What did you read in June? Let me know in the comments below!!

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