The Vessels Book Review

The Vessels was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own

Book: The Vessels
Author: Anna M Elias
Publication date: 14th August 2020
Genre: scifi
Rating: 4 stars

Trigger warnings: death of a loved one, death of a child, murder, attempted rape, mentions of rape, body mutilation, use of the slur N*gger, self harm, attempted suicide and suicide.



What if you could help those who’ve passed on get a second chance—but at the risk of your own life?

Four broken strangers volunteer to become the first humans in North America to join the international VESSELS program. Their bodies will host the Spirits who seek to right past wrongs and earn a chance at Elysium.

Disguised inside a homeless shelter in Reno, the program is facilitated by a retired Army officer, a former ER Doctor, and a tech-savvy teen who tracks the Spirits merged with their Vessels through an ancient ritual on the Anaho Reservation.

The Vessels only have seven days to succeed—and to survive.

But when the vengeful spirit of a serial killer enters one of them, they learn not all Spirits are here for redemption.

My Review

This was a really interesting book with multi perspectives which gave a really good in depth look at our main characters who have all gone through so much. At the start of this story there is such a huge sense of despair as all of our main characters are going through some very difficult situations. These characters dont see another way out but soon they are given hope by the Vessels program.

I really enjoyed our main characters they were all flawed and dealing with so much but eventually they get to make a different to other people’s lives. They were a very diverse cast which I really appreciated and seen a lot of development throughout this story.

The serial killer subplot was very interesting and had me intrigued right from the beginning but I did feel like it was very rushed and ended very quickly. I feel like this subplot could have been a lot darker and developed a little more.

All in all this was a really great book and I would definitely recommend this book and will read more from this author.

About the Author

Anna Elias is a screenwriter who began her career as Don Johnson’s assistant on Miami Vice. She’s worked on feature films such as Nell, The Rainmaker, The Client, 12 Monkeys, A Time to Kill, and Practical Magic. She has written and co-written spec films, TV scripts, and award-winning shorts. Anna’s passion for justice translates to her work. This was especially true on the set of John Grisham’s A Time to Kill. Canton, Mississippi had just suffered great racial hardship and division in a Mayoral race. With Anna’s encouragement, the movie crew made extra efforts to befriend, buy from, and work with the townspeople, and it served to break down walls of inequality and injustice that had divided the town for decades. The impact was so positive that Dan Rather traveled there to tape a 2-part special for 48 Hours.

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