Come Join The Murder Book Review

Come join the murder was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Book: Come Join The Murder 

Author: Holly Rae Garcia 

Publication Date: March 27th 2020

Genre: Thriller 

Rating: 4 stars 


Rebecca Crow’s four-year-old son is dead and her husband is missing.

Divers find her husband’s car at the bottom of a canal with their son’s small, lifeless body, inside. The police have no suspects and nothing to go on but a passing mention of a man driving a van. Guilt and grief cloud Rebecca’s thoughts as she stumbles toward her only mission: Revenge.

James Porter knows exactly what happened to them, but he’ll do anything to keep it a secret.

James didn’t plan to kill Rebecca’s son, but he’s not too broken up about it, either. There are more important things for him to worry about. He needs money, and his increasing appetite for murder is catching the attention of a nosy detective. 

My Review 

I really enjoyed this story. This is a very interesting thriller that explores many themes such as grief, vengeance and psychological drama. We follow the perspective of Rebecca and she is trying to cope with the lost of her son and her husband and we also follow James the man who killed them. 

This was a really interesting take on a thriller because generally we don’t know who has hurt or murdered the victim but with this one we know who he is from the start. I was really intrigued at how this story was going to unfold and I was actually really shocked at the decisions she made. 

The tension and the emotion in this story was definitely on point and very very balanced which I loved. One minute I would be on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next and then curling up feeling the pain that our main character is feeling. 

This is a great book that I highly recommend to all of you!

About the Author 

I love the works of Edgar Allen Poe, Daniel Keyes, Richard Matheson, and Stephen King. Dark stories with sad endings are my jam. In my own writing, I lean toward the thriller, horror, sci-fi, and dystopian genres.

I live on the Texas Coast with my family and five dogs.


Debut novel, a psychological thriller with horrific elements. 03-27-2020


Horror novella written with Ryan Prentice Garcia, available 10-302020

More information can be found on my website:

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