The Switch Book Review

The Switch was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you to Macmillan Audio and Netgalley for this Audiobook Arc. 

Book: The Switch 

Author: Beth O’Leary 

Publication Date: 18th August 2020 (For Audio – physical and ebook are available now) 

Genre: Adult Contemporary 

Rating: 4 stars 


When overachiever Leena Cotton is ordered to take a two-month sabbatical after blowing a big presentation at work, she escapes to her grandmother Eileen’s house for some long-overdue rest.

Eileen is newly single and about to turn eighty. She’d like a second chance at love, but her tiny Yorkshire village doesn’t offer many eligible gentlemen.

So they decide to try a two-month swap.

Eileen will live in London and look for love. She’ll take Leena’s flat, and learn all about casual dating, swiping right, and city neighbors. Meanwhile Leena will look after everything in rural Yorkshire: Eileen’s sweet cottage and garden, her idyllic, quiet village, and her little neighborhood projects.

But stepping into one another’s shoes proves more difficult than either of them expected. Will swapping lives help Eileen and Leena find themselves…and maybe even find true love? In Beth O’Leary’s The Switch, it’s never too late to change everything….or to find yourself.

My thoughts 

If you are a frequent reader of my blog and reviews you know I am not the biggest contemporary reader. It is very rare that I will choose a contemporary book over a fantasy or sci fi but I read The Flatshare by this author last year and gave it five stars and I did say that I would read more from this author so here I am. 

I absolutely adored this book. We follow both perspectives of Leena and Eileen as they go through with this life switch. This book was so heartwarming yet heart wrenching as we deal with a lot of grief and family issues relating to that grief. There are some strained relationships within this story but we do see our characters face these strains and learn how to be themselves again after such a horrible year. 

This made me laugh out loud so many times, Eileen was definitely one of my favourite characters. Who doesn’t love an 80 year old lady hitting the town and trying to find some love. Throughout this story we watch both of these characters grow and flourish in there new and odd setting. 

This is definitely a more character driven story and I loved almost every single character we meet in this story. I can say that I have been more stricter with my ratings this year and have only been giving 5 stars to books that truly blow me away and this one was very close but 4 stars is still a really good rating! 

If you haven’t read this book you definitely should right now. The audio for this book was very enjoyable and the two narrators did a really good job of producing the different voices and really making the story come alive for me. 

About the author 

Beth studied English at university before going into children’s publishing. She lives as close to the countryside as she can get while still being within reach of London, and wrote her first novel, The Flatshare, on her train journey to and from work.

You’ll usually find her curled up with a book, a cup of tea, and several woolly jumpers (whatever the weather

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