Crane Fly Book Review

Crane Fly was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Book: Crane Fly
Author: Kelly Marie Pollock
Publication Date: september 10th 2020
Genre: historical fantasy
Rating: 5 Stars


All Bucky O’Dare has ever wanted is an easy life. But after meeting fiery red-headed vampire, Nova Morgan, he realises his life will never be the same again.
The world of the Inflicted Kin is full of darkness, something Bucky is becoming increasingly more aware of, especially after the charred corpse of local Brothel Madam – Lady Jaine turns up complete with a shiny dagger lodged in her chest.
Bucky realises there’s a new player in town, one who may just make Soul seem saintly.
With Nova and Ruth off world, it’s down to him to unravel the mystery and figure out who is killing off the local working girls and why.
But Bucky is treading a dangerous path, one that may just see him end up as another stiff on the morgue table.

For the wrath of the wicked is nothing compared to the wrath of a vengeful brother.

Content Warning; Contains Profanity, Violence, Prostitution, Drug References and Torture.

My review

Kelly did it again! She has hit me with all the feels and I NEED book three.

This is a short novella between book 2 and book 3. We are following a side character throughout this novella that takes place during the same time as book two.

I really liked seeing the other side of what was happening in book two as we follow Bucky’s side of the story because in book two things with Bucky seemed all fine and dandy but in reality it was not. I really enjoyed learning more about Bucky and his life before he met Nova in Cherry Nova.

This novella has made me really hyped for book three and I can’t wait to see what happens with Bucky and the rest of the crime fighting crew.

We also came across a new character in this story who I believe will be an integral part of book three and this character is very intriguing but also very creepy. She gave me chills. I really enjoyed Kelly explore multiple personality disorder in this short novella.

Kelly has done a great job of talking and discussing sex work. A certain character we meet is a prostitute and the discussions she has with her brother about prostitution is really open and very honest about why she is a prostitute. She has not been forced into it, yes it’s not the best situation to be in but she is good at what she does and it is better than living on the streets.

Kelly really hits a punch with this story. It was so tense, so fast pasted and packed an emotional punch!

I had such a fun time reading this and definitely need to continue with this series. I 100% recommend this series!

About the Author

Kelly-Marie lives in Dorset with her Husband Mitchell, four young children and menagerie of pets. She’d dreamt of being an Author from a very young age and her late Auntie Julie pushed her to follow her dreams. Kelly-Marie is  a stay at home Mother, full time carer and active Parenting and Mental Health Blogger, you can find her blog over at

Death Bringer is the second novel  in ‘The Chronicles of Nova Morgan’ trilogy and follows the successful publication of her debut book Cherry Nova. She has also released a book of poetry entitled Forever Blue.

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