The Drop Book Review

The Drop was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Book: The Drop
Author: Jacy Morris
Publication date: 1st July 2020
Genre: horror post apocalyptic


How many hearts can a song touch? How many ears can it reach? How many people can it kill? When popular boy band Whoa-Town releases their latest album, no one thinks anything of it. They certainly don’t think that the world will be changed forever. After an apocalyptic disease sweeps the world, it becomes clear that the music of this seemingly innocuous boy band had something to do with it, but how? Katherine Maddox, her life irrevocably changed by a disease dubbed The Drop, sets out to find out how and why, to prevent something like The Drop from ever happening again.

Trigger warnings: mentions of incest, suicide, hatred of self due to sexuality, abuse of authority, use of the word N****r.

My Review

This was a really interesting story following a pandemic where people become affected by music and become very Zombie like.

This is a very descriptive story that really suckdd me in. From the beginning I had no idea what the heck was going on until quite a bit into the story.

Throughout this story I found some word choices very jarring and took me out of the story such as “pink like as Albino’s nipple” and some mentions of things that I found problematic for example a police officer which a moustache was seen as a pervert although nothing he did was perverted in any way, use of the word N****r and some other things. Although I do kind of understand where the author was coming from with some of these scenes and descriptions etc I do feel like they could have been edited out because. I do believe these comments could be harmful to people who read this story. So please be aware.

Although there is some problems with this novel I did have a fun time reading this and really got sucked in.

Our main character is very pessimistic but also on a mission to figure out why The Drop happened and what she can do to make sure this never happens again. She has been through a lot throughout this story and I did enjoy following her this whole time from reading her diary entries to following her investigation.

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