The Same Ledge Book Review

The Same Ledge was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Book: The Same Ledge
Author: Daniel James
Publication date: 2nd July 2020
Genre: literary fiction
Rating: 3 stars


Behind the postcard imagery of London, the darkest parts of the city house some of the saddest stories.

When Michael met Cameron, they were two boys who shared a bond and a ledge, an escape from their turbulent and violent home lives. But when Michael leaves, their lives drift apart into dramatically different directions until the events of the past bring them back together. They are no longer boys, but the ledge remains. Can they save themselves? Can they save one another?

This raw debut from Daniel James is a literary fiction that delves into fragile friendships, social inequality and mental health.

My Review

After reading the synopsis of this book I was very intrigued to see how Cameron and Michael’s life would play out. Starting thus book I was very intrigued and with the very easy and compelling writing I very quickly read through this story.

Cameron and Michael have grown up in a low socioeconomic part of London and have had a very tough life from abuse at home, bullying, being surrounded by drug dealers due to the area and so much more. We follow both Cameron and Michael’s perspectives as we follow them through their lives. This story is very bleak, grim and has an air of helplessness to it that was very suffocating.

As we follow both these boys turning into men we see how they both have taken two different paths in life but ultimately almost end at exactly the same place at the end. On the ledge. As I was reading this story I felt helpless, like there was no hope and sometimes I did have to put this book down due to those reasons but I can only praise the author for being able to portray those feelings so seamlessly into this story.

The Same Ledge really explores themes such as poverty, abuse, nurture vs nature, social inequality and mental health.

This is a heavy read with a lot of triggering content so please do be aware going into this story.

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