Thrillers To Read This Halloween

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog! Today I have another recommendations list. This list is for all you thriller lovers out there who want something quick paced, fast and something to get your heart pumping. If you’re looking for some atmospheric reads make sure to check out my other blog post called Atmospheric Book Recommendations For Spooky Season. So let’s get into these thrillers. 

Grist Mill Road By Chistopher J. Yates – 4 stars 

Synopsis: The year is 1982; the setting, an Edenic hamlet some ninety miles north of New York City. There, among the craggy rock cliffs and glacial ponds of timeworn mountains, three friends—Patrick, Matthew, and Hannah—are bound together by a terrible and seemingly senseless crime. Twenty-six years later, in New York City, living lives their younger selves never could have predicted, the three meet again—with even more devastating results. 

My Thoughts: I read this book a long time ago. This is one of the first books i picked up after years of not reading. Compared to some thrillers this one was quite slow and things didn’t come together until close to the end. This story was very character driven but throughout the narrative had a very cold and detached feel which I found very interesting. 

At the start of this book we believe we have a clear picture of what has happened but Christopher slowly peels back the layers throughout this story and we see what the real picture is. This is such a good book that I haven’t heard a lot of people talking about. If you’re looking for a more character driven thriller this one’s for you. 

Final Girls By Riley Sager – 5 stars

Synopsis: If you have survived a massacre and are the only survivior you are known as a final girl. Three different final girls were in the public eye for many years until things fizzled out. One final girl is now dead and the other two need to figure out what happened. 

My thoughts: This was my first ever Riley Sager book and I loved it hence the five star rating. This was a really interesting story follow survivors of a massacre. We mainly follow one of the final girls Quincey and her life is now pretty damn good, she has a xanax prescription, a popular food blog, a really nice apartment and a loving fiancee. That is until the first final girl is murdered and the second final girl turns up at Quincey’s door. 

This new turn of events throws Quincey’s life into a spiral which was really interesting to follow. We see how Quincey is really dealing with her trauma and learn more about the night all her friends were murdered. 

The ending of this book really shook me. Riley Sager has a habit of pointing you in one direction and making you believe that completely and then pulls the rug from under you and has you reeling at the end of this book. 

This gave me a lot of slasher movie vibes which i really loved and I definitely think you will too.

You Are Mine By Miranda Rijks – 4 stars

Synopsis: Rupert has spent years searching for his perfect wife. Now he’s found her.Her name is Charlotte Aldridge and she’s wonderful. A talented artist, modest and beautiful, she’s everything he ever dreamed of. Her hair, her eyes, her mouth – every little detail is perfect.Rupert is confident that when they meet, she’ll fall in love with him just as he has with her. After all, he’s a wealthy British aristocrat. And he’s handsome – the relentless gym workouts and extensive plastic surgery have seen to that.But what if Charlotte can’t see that they’re a perfect fit, that they’re meant for each other? Well, Rupert can be very persuasive. His father taught him certain methods which are extremely effective. Methods that can turn the most determined, ‘I don’t’ into a meek and submissive, ‘I do’….

My Thoughts: We follow four perspectives Charlotte, Rupert, Simone and Jodi across a dual timeline. Rupert is the main focus within this story as we follow him both as a teenager through Simone’s perspective and Rupert in present day.

You are mine is a truly haunting and chilling psychological thriller which kept me on edge, gave me goosebumps and freaked me out a hell of a lot.

I really enjoyed reading Rupert’s perspective because it gave me a deeper and stronger insight into a person with the mental illness of limerence. I had never heard of this type of illness but it does happen so it was so creepy but made me empathise a little more with this unwell man.

Unfortunately I couldn’t give this book a five star rating because I did guess the huge major plot point very early on within this story but all the same I enjoyed my time reading this story and definitely would recommend it to those who love a good creepy psychological thriller.

Pretty Girls By Karin Slaughter – 5 stars 

Synopsis: Twenty years ago Claire Scott’s eldest sister, Julia, went missing. No one knew where she went – no note, no body. It was a mystery that was never solved and it tore her family apart.Now another girl has disappeared, with chilling echoes of the past. And it seems that she might not be the only one.Claire is convinced Julia’s disappearance is linked. But when she begins to learn the truth about her sister, she is confronted with a shocking discovery, and nothing will ever be the same… 

My Thoughts: This book is so dark. I struggled to put this book on this list because I would not recommend this to everyone but if you are looking for something dark, grim and horrifying this book is probably for you. I heard this book was dark, emotional and horrifying and decided to pick this book up but my mind would never have guessed how terrifying this book actually is. 

There are a lot of trigger warnings for this book so please be careful!! There’s not much that I can say about this book without spoiling anything so that’s all I’m going to say on this book. 

Rage and Retribution By Lorraine Mace – 4 stars

Synopsis: Can two wrongs ever make a right?A man is found by the side of a canal, comatose and brutally attacked.It quickly becomes clear that someone is abducting men and subjecting them to horrific acts of torture. After three days they’re released, fighting for their lives and refusing to speak.A councillor is accused of fraud. Montague Mason is an upstanding member of the community. That is until he’s publicly accused of stealing the youth centre’s funds – an accusation that threatens to rip through the very heart of the community and expose his best-kept secret. But how far would he go to protect himself?Two cases. One deadly answer.As the two cases collide, D.I. Paolo Sterling finds he has more questions than answers. And, when torture escalates to murder, he suddenly finds himself in a race against time to find the killer and put an end to the depravity – once and for all.

My Thoughts: This is another dark book. From my four star rating I obviously enjoyed this story. Starting this book we get the point of view of the criminal right away as they are torturing someone they believe has done wrong. This was a really graphic scene and caught me by surprise but it wasn’t triggering to me but if rape, kidnapping and torture are triggering for you then please go into this with caution.

I really enjoyed following our detective as a bunch of cases hit his desk practically at the same time and he is trying to solve all of them and realizing that they may all be connected. I loved seeing how this worked out and how all of these cases connected

Due to me guessing who the criminal was I couldn’t give Rage and Retribution a full 5 stars but I absolutely adore this story.

The author definitely kept me on the edge of my seat throughout my reading of this novel. It was really fast paced and very quick to read. I read Rage and Retribution in two sittings and would definitely recommend this story for all you crime thriller lovers. 

The Silent Patient By Alex Michaelides – 5 stars

Synopsis: Alicia Berenson’s life is seemingly perfect. A famous painter married to an in-demand fashion photographer, she lives in a grand house with big windows overlooking a park in one of London’s most desirable areas. One evening her husband Gabriel returns home late from a fashion shoot, and Alicia shoots him five times in the face, and then never speaks another word.

My thoughts: This book was so interesting and cleverly written. This is a dual timeline story where we follow Alicia leading up to the horrific shooting and we also follow her therapist that is treating her in the hospital. 

Following Alicia leading up to the shooting was so interesting because we do see her slow descent into her madness. Although we are following her through this we are still confused and have no idea what is actually going on just like the main character. 

Following the therapist was also very interesting because he is very morally grey, he is obsessed with this woman and some of the decisions he makes are very questionable. I loved this book and would definitely recommend this one because it messes with your head. 

So there you have it some thriller recommendations for you all to check out this Halloween. 

With Love, 

Anne xxx 

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