Scarred Book Review

Scarred was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

Book: Scarred
Author: Damien Linnane
Publication date: 28th November 2019
Genre: crime fiction


There were five now. The mugger, the sex offender, the wife-beater, the drug-dealer. And of course, Peter. Jason hadn’t needed a gun to kill Peter.

Jason Ennis doesn’t understand why the world is such a confusing place. Why it’s so difficult to read between the lines, so hard to understand what people want, such a struggle to fit in. Not that he isn’t trying as he works a dead-end job and chips away at a degree that’s going nowhere.

But good things come to those who wait. Sometimes, when he least expects it, he gets a chance to make a real difference. To make the world a better place. By removing someone else from it. Someone who doesn’t fit in with his standards of behaviour, someone who reminds him of how they scarred him as a child.

Scarred is not for the squeamish. A poignant debut about serial killers on the streets of Sydney, it explores the addictiveness of vengeance and the tragic mistakes made by the misguided.

My thoughts

This is definitely a book that’s not for the faint hearted. Scarred is a dark and gruesome look into the mind of a young man who has been scarred and wants to rid the world of bad people.

Jason is a very dark character to follow throughout this story. He doesn’t understand a lot of things like sarcasm or jokes and struggles with things that arent black and white.

We also follow two other perspectives- a police officer and another serial killer. The police officer scenes were quite weak for me as he was mainly just complaining about his job and it just wasnt doing it for me whereas police perspectives are some of my favourite things in books.

The serial killers perspective is a hard one to read because we are in his mind as he is thinking and hurting his victims. Although sickening to read it is definitely an interesting perspective.

I did find my attention slipping at times because we were just following inner dialogue which could get a little repetitive and annoying.

This was definitely an in depth look into the minds of serial killers and understanding how trauma can affect those in later life which I enjoyed reading about.

Scarred is a dark and gruesome book that deals with a lot of triggering content. 

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