The Fractured Globe Book Review

Book: The Fractured Globe

Author: Angela Fish

Genre: Contemporary


Nature? Nurture? Or just plain luck?

Single mums, Tia and Kay, meet when their sons are born on the same day.

Tia is a product of the welfare system but wants a better life for her son. Her entrapment by her manipulative and controlling boyfriend in the world of drink, drugs, crime and enforced prostitution suggests otherwise. Is she a ‘born devil’ or can she change and break free?

Kay comes from a stable home but sacrifices it all, initially, to live her own kind of life.

Overshadowed by betrayals, mistakes, regrets, and the mystery of an abandoned child, their paths – and those of their families – run parallel or criss-cross over twenty-five years.

Can determination and the power of the snow globe offer a chance of happiness?

My Thoughts

This was a very interesting novel to read following two young girls who are down on their luck with two young babies and how their lives entwine throughout many years.

Although our two main characters are very different from one another their lives are very much the same, both running from people and both just trying to survive.

This is a very poignant story following these two characters as they do what the have to do to survive and keep their babies healthy and happy.

I’m not the biggest fan of either of these two main characters but I was still compelled to read this story and see what happened to them and how their story ended.

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