The Hard Way Book Review

The Hard Way was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Book: The Hard Way
Author: Duncan Brockwell
Publication date: 19th April 2021
Genre: crime thriller


When intruders enter a radio station and kill a famed presenter it sets in motion a chain of events that will push the Metropolitan Police to their limits.
Officers Hayes and Miller are on the trail of a suspect and when Eric Helsey is detained, the police realise they have arrested the wrong man.
As the case grows more complicated with each revelation, and the body count rises, they find themselves investigating a series of crimes all of which may be linked.
But what ties the murder of the radio host with a Turkish casino owner and the killing of two employees at a valve factory?
Hayes and Miller find themselves in a race against time to get to the truth before more people are hurt…

My Thoughts

This is a contemporary crime thriller set in London following two detectives who are trying to find the murderer of three victims who got killed execution style. Although we do follow other story lines and characters throughout this story.

This is a very compelling read but I did find certain things to be quite repetitive for example everyone’s workouts and with full descriptions that had me bored.

Hayes and Miller are two awesome characters. Their dynamic is really great and I don’t think I’ve read a crime thriller where both detectives are female so it was quite refreshing seeing it through both females eyes.

Throughout this story there is some gore and violence but it’s not very heavy but could cause some discomfort for readers if they are sensitive to blood and gore.

One scene did really disturb me as it was a murder depicted as suicide and it was very very descriptive which could be triggering for those who self harm or struggle with those thoughts like me. Although it didnt trigger me a lot due to having a handle on my mental health but i did feel uncomfortable while reading it. So I do warn those who are like me to please be careful reading scene.

We meet many characters throughout the story and your suspicions are on high alert from the get go trying to figure out who is doing this and your suspicious of any who is somewhat shady.

All in all I did enjoy this story and would recommend as it is full of tension, great characters and some pretty awesome dynamics between those characters.

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