Nine Lives Book Review

Nine Lives was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Book: Nine Lives
Author: Kevin McManus
Publication date: 20th November 2018
Genre: thriller


In Western Ireland in 1979 Hazel Devereaux, a student of Trinity College in Dublin, goes missing while working at a summer job. Six months later her body is discovered in a shallow grave.

A line from a poem by Edgar Allan Poe entitled “A Paean” is discovered in an envelope at the house Hazel was renting. Could this be a calling card of the murderer?

Thirty years later Detective Ray Logue discovers that a series of murders in Boston appear to be connected to the killing in 1979. Each victim also received a line from the poem by Edgar Allan Poe delivered to their homes. It becomes evident that a serial killer is at work and has claimed seven lives so far. The murderer kills two victims every ten years, always on a year ending in nine and always on the same dates in June and December. If he follows the same pattern he will kill again in less than a fortnight.

Ray Logue is dispatched to Boston to work alongside Detective Olivia Callaghan and Inspector Sam Harper to discover the identity of the murderer and to stop him before he strikes again.

Logue’s “bull in a china shop” policing methods brings him into conflict with Sam Harper’s more calculated and measured approach. As a result, trying to work together becomes almost as challenging as catching the serial killer.

But catch a killer they must.

My thoughts

I love love love a Irish characters in my stories. Although this story is based more in America I still really loved this story.

This is a really quick, fast paced, engaging read and had such an awesome time with this little novella.

I liked the direction that this story took, moving away from Ireland which is really cool and fun. We see the detective in a new situation, meeting new people which was fun.

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