Cuban Heel Book Review

Today I am back with another review for the Alex Cohen Series! Make sure you check out these boxsets!


Would you work with the devil to build a paradise on Earth?

Jewish gangster, Alex Cohen joins long-time friend and business partner, Meyer Lansky to recreate Las Vegas in 1950s Havana. When dictator President Batista gives them the opportunity to build their dream casino complexes, Alex must choose between dancing with this devil or being in debt to the Italian mob.

If he takes the mafia money then he will be tied to the men who planned his earlier downfall and removed his mentor, Lucky Luciano from the syndicate. If he refuses their investment then he will be beholden to the tinpot generalissimo and his bloated ego. But Alex knows that there is more at stake than mere gelt–now he has his family surrounding him and they will suffer the ultimate price if he makes a bad decision.

The fifth book in the Alex Cohen series is an historical thriller novel, which tears at the heart of the Jewish mob’s role in pre-revolution Cuba. Leopold Borstinski’s piercing crime fiction gives each reader the shocking skinny into the building of modern America.

My Thoughts

We are back with Alex Cohen again! If you have read my blog before you know that I’ve reviewed all of the books in this series so far.

I love being back with Alex again following everything that he does throughout the book. Alex is a very smart character who knows ins and outside of how to make a lot of money, what business deals to make and when to shoot a man.

Although Alex is smart and very family orientated he will kill when he needs to. He can be very cold throughout this series and he is very interesting to follow.

In this book we are in a new location once again but not in America which was really interesting. Although we dont really see much of this new culture and would think that you were still in America I did enjoy this installment of the series.

I also really enjoyed this because there were a few mentions of people who are real historical figures for us which I found really cool.

I really enjoyed this book and will again recommend this series to you all.

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